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We Design To Your Ideas and Land | Pre-cut Alaskan made Superior Logs
Builder turnkey (finished) prices.

Builder Turnkey (finished) Starting Prices around the Anchorage Area

Use your builder or we’ll provide you a referred builders list for the area you want to build. Around Greater Anchorage, Mat-Su Valley and Kenai areas, the starting residential turnkey (finished) prices are $185-$200 sq. ft.. Basements, unfinished areas & garages can be less per sq. ft. Large decks & porches are additional to the sq. ft areas. These prices are without land & land development costs. They target 8″ or 10″ logs, 4 star plus energy & are from the 8″ concrete foundation through the metal roof. Owner builders can pay less based on their participation.

*These prices include our weathered-in shell prices. Delivery and crating prices are extra. Your ideas will dictate the final price.

Owner Builder Construction & Financing

Owner builder means the owner is obtaining the builder construction (short-term) loan, performing & overseeing the construction. The owner is still responsible for the mortgage (long-term) loan. We have worked with a large number of owner builders on many successful Superior Logs homes. Whether using lender financing or paying cash, it may be in your best interest to hire a general contractor (builder) to work with you and help you build your home or at least the weathered-in shell package. 42% of our packages are built by experienced owners.

An owner builder can save money if you participate in the construction. The percent saved will vary based on the amount of work you can perform. Never do something you are not sure of or not qualified to do. It is better to pay a builder one time than do it yourself & have to hire someone to fix it. If you work a job for $20.00 an hour it is inefficient to work on your home as a $10.00 an hour laborer. If you have the time, talent plus the desire, then it is probably worthwhile.

An owner builder can hire a builder & still be an owner builder. Most construction lenders will help the owner through the loan process, but it is the owner’s responsibility to manage & oversee the construction. While this is not recommended for all owners, it can be a savings to those that want to be owner builders. If you have construction experience, a relative or close friends in the construction industry who can work for and with you, you may already have a good start.

Mortgage & Construction Financing

Our Superior Logs packages have been financed & built under most every lender program in Alaska plus some from the Lower 48.


Some independent insurance companies around Anchorage have insured our Alaskan made Superior Logs homes with comparable prices to conventional frame construction. Logs in general are not known to burn to the ground. A tight log home can smother a fire, leaving smoke damaged or charred logs. These need to be replaced or media blasted to restore the natural look. An ozone machine or other device can also remove the smoke smell. Fortunately, our Superior Logs are uniform & can be replaced if required.

We hear from our customers that the large national insurance companies penalize log homes because they DO NOT burn to the ground. These companies place an increased price on their casualty coverage.

*Call to verify prices!!

Alaska is the most difficult construction area in the World! We must be doing something right. Come find out!