Metal Roofing & Siding

Superior Products has been a metal roofing & siding distributor since 1984. We have supplied thousands of residential & commercial metal roofing & siding projects to owners, contractors, Alaskan Native Corporations, local, state & federal agencies throughout Alaska.

  • Attention to YOUR Project – We specialize & are not cluttered with thousands of other materials to sell.
  • Written quotes & invoices – Usually mailed or faxed the same day with exact material prices.
  • Highest Quality Products – All of our manufacturer’s products are well established and of the highest quality. For example, ASC (BHP) metal roofing and siding use “Zincalume®” over their steel, which is the finest quality subsurface in the industry today & prevents rust. Most all the ASC (BHP) Steel panels use the DuraTechâ„¢ xl paint finish & have a limited lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty is a residential pass through warranty from the product manufactures only to the original property owner against paint fading, chaulking and chipping.
  • Prompt Response – Most all the ASC (BHP) metal roofing & siding is Alaskan made in 2 days or less.
  • Our Reputation – Having supplied thousands of projects, we will provide you with references.
  • Our Manufacturer’s Reputation – Our Alaska manufacturer, ASC Building Products, has been IN ALASKA since 1984 making steel roofing & siding. They stand behind every one of our orders 100%. We also have relationships with some of the best and most reputable lower 48 manufacturers.
  • Instructions & details – Every panel order we place comes with the manufacturer’s instruction manual.
  • Delivery & Crating – We have affordable delivery & will crate for special project handling needs.

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Please email us or call (907) 345-3323 or fax (907) 345-0323 to request information or to receive a quote on you project. We thank you for your time and look forward to providing you competitively priced, quality metal roofing and siding very soon.