Company History

Superior Products Inc., creator of “Superior Logs” was founded in 1983

We created pre-cut Alaskan made Alaska spruce Superior Logs specifically for the harsh Alaskan construction conditions & began manufacturing in 1983. We have delivered hundreds of pre-cut Superior Logs packages to owners, builders, Alaska Native corporations, Local, State & Federal Agencies throughout Alaska plus in Japan. A famous Japanese artist has a 2,600 sq. ft. Superior Logs home. In the 1980s, we made packages for Spenard Builders Supply (SBS) & our cabins were in front of their stores.

We make only A #1 superior log products, and we will not sell a blemished or any #2 logs. Our customers receive our best Alaskan spruce product every time. Our products are truly “superior”.

We provide complete assembly instructions and detailed builder’s plans. People with no log experience can erect our log packages in hours using our “Simple yet Superior” bolt together system, the rest is conventional framing. No representative is needed at site. Our 8″ & 10″ Superior Logs make 4 star plus or 5 star energy ratings. Ask for buildings to drive by in Alaska.

We also make authentic Alaskan made Alaska spruce Superior Logs siding to cover gables, dormers & basements above & below our full pre-cut Superior Logs packages. It is half of the full log, so there is no difference in appearance. See our Superior Logs siding page for prices, specifications & details.

We are not builders!! We are a manufacturer, designer & materials supplier only!! We can refer you to quality builders in your area. We also are an Alaskan distributor for metal roofing & metal siding.

Appointments, Seminars, Advice & Our Free Brochure

Call (907) 345-3323 or email [email protected] to set an appointment. We will discuss your project, your area, what & when you want to build. We work one on one, so each appointment is specific to your needs. We will discuss budget, financing, log or weathered-in shell packages & plans prices.

Whether you are an owner builder, builder or need a referred builder for your construction is your choice. We are strictly a manufacturer, designer & supplier. We will refer you to quality lenders in your area for mortgage &/or construction loans. If you do not have land, we will refer you to a quality agent in the area you want to build. Our phone conversations & advice have been as effective as an appointment to start people on the right path to their log buildings.

Our free brochure and general information is contained in these web pages. If you can’t print them, please call and we are happy to provide you any required information.