Conventional Frame Weathered-in Shell Packages


We have supplied hundreds of conventional frame weathered-in shell packages since 1983. Complete frame shell packages start at $40 per sq. ft. and go up based on the materials, design and location. Price is FOB Anchorage, Alaska and based on a minimum of a 1,000 sq. ft. building.

Our complete weathered-in shell packages usually include:
Pony walls, sill plates and sill seal, plate washers, all subfloors, exterior and interior framing, exterior doors, low E argon vinyl windows, treated deck materials, cedar handrails, steps, roof systems, felt and water shield, asphalt or metal roofing, all insulation, vapor barrier, clips, hangers, anchors, brackets, quality exterior paint or stain, caulks and glues, plus choice of siding.

Plans and Material List: We will provide a detailed materials list describing each material and where it goes in the building conforming to your plans or plans we create for you.

We will design a plan for you meeting good construction guidelines. You approve the floor plans and elevations then we detail and produce the plans. You receive 4 sets of 11″ x 17″ scaled plans plus a set of the engineer’s calculations if applicable and for an additional fee. WE CAN USE YOUR PLANS OR CREATE PLANS FOR YOU.

Some Siding Choices:

*We will refer you to a quality builder to put your package together if you so desire and we can refer you to a real estate agent for land if needed. Our packages are complete so an experienced owner builder will be successful. About 42% of our packages are built by the owners.

Alaska is the most difficult construction area in the World!We must be doing something right. Come find out!