Construction Benefits ~ for Buyers, Builders, Lenders & Real Estate Agents

Since 1983 Superior Products, Inc. has designed, made & supplied hundreds of our Alaskan made Alaska spruce pre-cut SUPERIOR LOGS homes, cabins, lodges & commercial buildings throughout Alaska.

A few of our well known buildings are: Kenai Princess Lodge at Cooper Landing; Talkeetna & Kasilof Post Offices; Mat Su Visitors Center; Phillips Tours Whittier Offices; Alaska Railroad Depot & ERA Aviation buildings at Denali Park; Anchor Point Senior Center; Anvik &Pedro Bay Community Centers, and Tyonik Tribal Council Headquarters.

  • No special equipment or experience is needed to build our log buildings! SUPERIOR LOGS are a pre-cut log package assembling with man & womanpower in hours with no prior log experience or representative at site. The rest of the construction is conventional foundations, floors, stick framing, roof systems, wiring, plumbing, heating, etc. Build yourself, use your builder or we can refer builders to construct your SUPERIOR LOGS in Alaska or elsewhere. It really is “Simple yet SUPERIOR”.
  • “Simple yet SUPERIOR!” Our pre-cut Alaska spruce SUPERIOR LOGS are numbered 1, 2, 3, …. & simply bolt together with our 5/8 inch all thread bolt system 4′ O.C. or less starting from the foundation through top plate & 12″ or less on either side of openings. It is one of the most safe & sound pre-cut log packages made. Many packages advertise as pre-cut but request their representative or builder is at site. This usually has a cost & can take more construction time. Make sure you receive a firm written quote stating what materials are provided & when you will receive them. Compare how simple our log package is to others! We provide you plans, a log wall layout showing each log by number in each wall, bolt & opening locations, a detailed weathered-in shell package materials list defining each material & where it’s used, SUPERIOR LOGS stacking guide, helpful hints, tools list, system explanation, extra universal logs & much more.
  • Alaskan Made pre-cut Alaska spruce SUPERIOR LOGS are manufactured in the Mat-Su Valley! Around the Anchorage, Eagle River, Mat-Su & Kenai areas, we deliver the logs on a commercial flatbed when the subfloor is done. Further away, we deliver the weathered-in shell &/or log package in one load. The builder (owner) is able to build their log building with accurate information & quality materials.
  • SUPERIOR LOGS are DRY with very little movement! SUPERIOR LOGS are 19% or less moisture content. We expect approx. 3/4″ or less settling in 8′ walls after construction. This is planned for during construction. We use dual top tensioning springs on our 5/8″ all thread bolt system so the builder does not have to be concerned with after construction bolt tightening & maintenance. We only air dry so our wood cells are not broken & we have less movement. Superior Logs are between 13% and 15% moisture when they leave the mill.
  • SUPERIOR LOGS meet Alaskan energy ratings! Because of our bolt system, top tensioning springs, quality gaskets & precision milling, both 8″ & 10″ SUPERIOR LOGS make Alaskan 4 Star Plus & 5 Star energy ratings. They are also stress relieved to reduce checking.
  • SUPERIOR LOGS are competitively priced & appraise well! Our SUPERIOR LOGS packages are not priced UP to Lower 48 prices. We are competitive, timely & erect faster than most other comparable pre-cut log products. We work with the buyers & builders to meet budgets, designs & needs. We stand behind our products 100%!! Our SUPERIOR LOGS quality & natural beauty appraise well.
  • SUPERIOR LOGS are not mass-produced or sold through Dealers! We work one on one with each customer & make each package when needed. When the plans are done, we make & deliver most packages in 40 days or less. We are ready when you are. We are proven throughout Alaska!
  • Our Complete Weathered-in Superior Logs Shell Packages. We provide one of the most complete weathered-in shell packages in the USA plus a detailed materials list showing all materials provided and where they go with some extras.