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Weathered-in Shell Log Cabin Packages

Pre-cut Alaskan made Superior Logs are designed to your ideas and land.

      A Superior Logs' weathered-in shell materials package averages in price from $40 sq. ft. to $50 a sq. ft. with the FOB Anchorage, Alaska. This usually includes the main floor in logs with the loft, dormers and gable ends in frame based on your plan. The prices are based on a minimum 1000 sq. ft structure with an Alaskan 4 star plus energy rating. Daylight basements or raised crawl spacescan be less expensive additions. Garages can be in our full logs or our Superior Logs "Authentic" half log siding over 2X frame. Prices will vary based on your choices and design. See our Superior Logs "Authentic" half log siding for prices, details and applicable information.

      Our typical weathered-in shell materials package includes:

      All Subfloors: 3/4" T & G OSB or U/L plywood sheath; 2 X lumber or BCI joist, blocking; 2 X rim or versa rim; 1 X cedar fascia; 1x pine BCI web block; joist hangers; glue lam beams; Teco & ringshank nails; top sheath edge glue; colored metal log at floor edge flashing with matching screws & caulk; 2 X 8 ODW sill plates & rolls of sill seal; floor insulation; 2X pony walls with plates; arctic floors are available.

      Exterior Decks: Outdoor Wood (treated) or composite top deck, ODUD steps, hangers; front & end 4Xrims, ; blocking; AWW support beams; AWW or log posts with brackets & jacks; cedar handrails with 2 X 2 cedar uprights 5 1/2" O.C. & (1) 2 X 6 top rails and (2) 2X4 stiffeners with 4X4 or log rail posts;

      Pre-cut Alaska spruce Superior Logs: all logs, posts, extra universal logs & siding; log wall layout showing each log in each wall by number (1, 2, 3,…); foundation log bolt plan; all 5/8" all thread bolts, 5/8"hex & couplers nuts, 5/8" & 3/4" washers & dual top tensioning springs to erect the package; closed cell foam gaskets; custom adjustable screwjack; hardware & log inventory; Superior Logs stacking guide, helpful hints, tools list & system explanation;

      Exterior Doors: standard is a metal insulated solid core with 2'X3' top window & lower panel pattern (many options to choose from); Windows: Low E Argon almond (or white) vinyl windows with screens on all openers typically: sliders, casements, single hung & trapezoids (wood optional);

      Exterior framing: 2 X 6 or 2 X 8 above &/or below the logs with batt insulation, 6 mil clear poly vapor barrier, exterior 1/2" CDX sheath, Tyvek air barrier & 1 X 6 T & G #2 knotty pine (appearance grape), 1 X 6 T & G cedar or rough sawd Board & Batt exterior trim;

      Interior Rough Framing: 2 X 4 & 2 X 6 with block, top & bottom plates, Stairs: 2 X 12 stringers with 2 X 4 inside stiffeners, 11 7/8" X 12' OSB step treads & Lu210 hangers, 2 X landing framing with 3/4" top sheath, lumber &/or log posts with top & bottom brackets, bolts & screwjacks; log stair stringers and step treads optional;

      Roof systems: 2 X Rafters or Interior parallel chord or flat scissors trusses with 7/16" OSB or 1/2" CDX top sheath, glue lam beams ridge, 2 X 6 truss lookouts with 1 X cedar facia over 2 X subfacia, 3/8" rough sawn plywood under eaves & overhangs trim (optional: 1 X 6 T & G #2 knotty pine (appearance grape} & 1 X 6 T & G cedar trim), #30 lb. felt, 2 rows ice shield at eaves & valleys, colored (your choice of color) metal roofing with all screws, gable, eave, valley, endwall, sidewall, flashings, mastics, closures & installation manuals; batt insulation, 6 mil clear poly vapor barrier & insulation baffles;

      Paperwork: Builders plans & engineering calculations, detailed materials list showing all shell materials & their use in the building; Exterior Log Preservative: clear or high quality permanent U/V inhibitor, 2 coats, buyer chooses color;

      Miscellaneous Items: All hangers, beam brackets, bolts, hurricane clips, fasteners, door & window caulk, floor glue, nails & any miscellaneous shell items defined on the plans for the structural int. & finished ext. Some extras are provided.

        You can purchase any or all of these items for your weathered-in shell package!! If you own quality windows, we'll make the logs & plans fit them!!

        *Call to verify prices!!

        Our typical Superior Logs package includes:

        Our typical pre-cut Superior Logs package includes: all logs, posts, extra universal logs & siding, all 5/8" X 40" log bolts, nuts, couplers, washers & dual top tensioning springs to erect the package, foam gaskets, custom adjustable screwjack, preliminary plans showing floor plans & all side views (elevations) with material & construction notes, log wall layout showing each log in each wall by number (1, 2, 3,…), foundation log bolt plan, hardware & log inventory, stacking guide, helpful hints, tools list, system explanation.

        We ship to the Lower 48 States!!




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