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Recreational Cabin Photo Gallery


    Alaska State Park Frazer 6" log pre-cut cabin built on Kodiak Island.

    8" Superior Logs pre-cut Fire Island Visitor Center above ground footers with metal roof and base trim all suplied by Superior Products, Inc.

    Chenega Village 6" pre-cut log cabins built by Chenega.

    A smaller Chenega Village 6" log cabin built by Chenega.

    Our cabins are all over rural Alaska. Chenega built this little 12'X16" pre-cut 6" log cabin in a very remote site.

    This 8" "Superior Logs" 20' x 26' Kenai King shell package with 1/2 loft, 6' covered porch & metal roof was built in 7 days with 3 men.

    Huge windmill plus great Cook Inlet views from Fire Island Visitor Center built by Cook Inlet Housing Authority.

    This 24' X 28' Kenai Prince cabin is located on the Kenai River outside Soldotna.
    This Kenai Lodge owner has several of our 24' X 28' Kenai Prince cabins for his guests.
    The river provides some very serious fishing, while our 8" Superior Logs cabins provide the owner or guest an Alaskan setting wherever they are located!!

    The State of Alaska 20' x 24' Coopers Landing Caretaker's cabin at the Kenai Lake bridge was created to accent the natural surroundings.

    What a setting!!!

    The 24' x 28' Kenai Prince w/1/2 loft, 6' covered deck steel roof, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath & living room cathedral ceilings blends with any landscape.

      This modified 20' X 24' Orca cabin was owner built & made to their specs.

    This custom 24' X 28' cabin is located on the back of Crooked Lake.
    It was delivered crossing the ice in the Winter.
    The owners & friends built this cabin to their specs.


    This modified 16' X 20' Cheechako cabin is located at a remote Alaskan lake & was built by the owners & their friends. Our 8" Superior Logs assembled quickly & the wife called out the numbers & set the last log in place. What a way to go!


    Our 16' X 24' Cheechako III cabin is located on a remote Alaskan lake & was built by the owner's family.
    Our 6" Superior Logs were very light & assembled quickly.
    All materials were taken in by snow machines during the winter & assembled the next Spring. Cool get away!!

    This 20' X 24' caretaker cabin was made to the owner's specs for the Barrier Free youth activities at Birchwood Camp. It is located at Beach Lake on a hill overlooking the lake.


    Our 20' X 26' Kenai King cabin is located on the Kenai River. It will become a guest cottage when the final home is built on the river. Our 8" Superior Logs are staggered to support the roof system. All openings are pre-cut to fit the doors & windows provided. The owners & friends spend a great deal of time on the river & enjoy this cabin a great deal. Will they ever want to build the final home? You bet!!


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