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    Superior Products has been a metal roofing & siding distributor since 1984. We have supplied thousands of residential & commercial metal roofing & siding projects to owners, contractors, Alaskan Native Corporations, local, state & federal agencies throughout Alaska.

    A few benefits to our services

    Attention to YOUR Project - We specialize & are not cluttered with thousands of other materials to sell.
    Written quotes & invoices - Usually mailed or faxed the same day with exact material prices.
    Highest Quality Products - All of our manufacturer's products are well established and of the highest quality. For example, ASC (BHP) metal roofing and siding use "Zincalume®" over their steel, which is the finest quality subsurface in the industry today & prevents rust. Most all the ASC (BHP) Steel panels use the DuraTech™ xl paint finish & have a limited lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty is a residential pass through warranty from the product manufactures only to the original property owner against paint fading, chaulking and chipping.
    Prompt Response - Most all the ASC (BHP) metal roofing & siding is Alaskan made in 2 days or less.
    Our Reputation - Having supplied thousands of projects, we will provide you with references.
    Our Manufacturer's Reputation - Our Alaska manufacturer, ASC Building Products, has been IN ALASKA since 1984 making steel roofing & siding. They stand behind every one of our orders 100%. We also have relationships with some of the best and most reputable lower 48 manufacturers.
    Instructions & details - Every panel order we place comes with the manufacturer's instruction manual.
    Delivery & Crating - We have affordable delivery & will crate for special project handling needs.

    We sell Lower 48 manufactured metal roofing and siding as well as Alaskan made ASC (BHP) metal roofing and siding at very competitive prices. We will provide the owner, contractor, architect and designer with our current manufacturers metal roofing and siding brochures, color charts and manuals.

    Couple all these benefits with our attention to detail & thousands of satisfied customers & YOU will become a satisfied Superior Products customer very soon!!!

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    Please email us or call (907) 345-3323 or fax (907) 345-0323 to request information or to receive a quote on you project. We thank you for your time and look forward to providing you competitively priced, quality metal roofing and siding very soon.


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